Second Sewing Project: A Lunch Bag

I’ve been using a free Earth Day tote from Target to carry my lunch to work each day. It’s serviceable… but not cute:

Old lunch bag

So, I decided that my second sewing project would be a lunch bag using this tutorial. My new lunch bag is not made out of fancy oilcloth. It does not have a liner. It is just a simple bag with a button closure.

I used home décor fabric to make the bag sturdier. Here’s the fabric I picked:

home decor fabric for lunch bag

The fabric looks similar to the fabric I used for the cloth napkins project, so I didn’t have to change the thread on my machine, which is lime green.


I cut the fabric and pinned it together according to the directions. Here’s a picture:


Next, I sewed each side together. Then, I folded the bottom and sewed the “bag” part. Here’s a picture of sewing the bottom of the lunch bag:


I think the bag would have been sturdier if I had put a seam on the sides, too. Next time. Here is the finished product – complete with (just slightly off-center) yellow button closure:

Finished lunch bag!

The lunch bag’s maiden voyage confirmed that it can hold a plastic container of stir-fry, a fork, a granola bar, and an apple.


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