CSA: Week 8

This week we received: more black summer Bok Choy, Lancelot leeks, Chioggia beets, and some leaf lettuce called “two-star lettuce.”

CSA Week 8
CSA Week 8

We were finally added to the Bootstrap Farm CSA Newsletter email list, which means that I no longer have to use my advanced Google search skills to identify all our vegetables. With the newsletter, I also get to know what we’ll receive about a day in advance of picking up our produce. The down side is that I also see the items that full shares, but not half shares, get. This week only full shares got more snap peas. Also, the newsletter was not totally accurate: instead of more Chioggia beets, I was supposed to recieve some romaine lettuce.

I cooked up the Bok Choy as a side dish with fried shallots and garlic. I followed this recipe as a guide. I only had one bunch of Bok Choy and one shallot, so I modified the amounts of ingredients: I used one clove of garlic, about 3 tbsp of oil, and only a tiny bit of salt. I made this dish at a non-meal time because Scott and I are usually looking for a quick snack or easy lunches. I did try a few bites of it while it was “fresh.”

Bok Choy and fried shallots
Bok Choy and fried shallots

Verdict: It was good. And it looks kind of fancy. (Eat it fresh – microwaving was, predictably, not kind to the fried shallots.)

I also made a creamy pasta with leeks and bacon. I chose a pasta this week because it is an easy item to take for lunches all week. I made this and put it directly into plastic containers for lunches, so there are no plated pictures. I used 12 oz of whole-grain noodles instead of 16 oz of non-whole grain pasta.

Creamy pasta with leeks and bacon
Creamy pasta with leeks and bacon

Verdict: It tastes exactly as expected: creamy and flavorful.

The pasta recipe only required two leeks (I used three), so I had about 6 left-over leeks. I made a leek confit with the remainder of the leeks. I used ¼ of the butter recommended in the linked recipe. Many people used the leek confit with goat cheese and eggs. Scott grilled hamburgers on Sunday night , and I topped mine with the leeks.

Leek confit
Leek confit

Verdict: Good on the hamburger – with the addition of gorgonzola cheese. (Yup – that’s a whole grain bun.)

Leek confit on a hamburger
Leek confit on a hamburger

This is our second week with beets. Scott will eat beets, but he’d rather eat other vegetables. So, I decided to use the beets in a way that I could eat them for snacks while at work or in the evening: beet chips! I bought a mandolin after our second CSA delivery, and I used it now to make thin chips. They are only seasoned with sea salt and olive oil. I had them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. Scott flipped them, and we baked them for another 20 minutes. They weren’t quite done… but I wanted to do something outside of the house. So, I just made roasted beets instead.

Beets in oven
Beet chips
Beet chips

Verdict: They’re fine.

That leaves us with some beet greens. Ugh. I am so sick of being creative with greens. I might just boil them… again. And you don’t need another picture of boiled greens. Oh, and we’ve been snacking on the lettuce plain all week. Yum!


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