I Love Wreaths

I’ve wanted a wreath for awhile, and I finally have a place to hang one. Wreaths are pretty and welcoming. And expensive. So, I culled the Internet for easy DIY wreath ideas – and there are so many designs to choose from that I’ve made two so far.

My first wreath was a thumbtack wreath that I made in early December so that we’d have at least one Christmas-y decoration at our house. I bought a foam wreath and covered it with about 750 brass colored thumbtacks that I bought at two different dollar stores. I also bought the green ribbon for this wreath at the dollar store. It took a few hours of TV watching to complete. Here’s the finished product:

Thumbtack Wreath

Here’s a close-up of the thumbtacks:


My second wreath was a hydrangea wreath (actually, it’s still a work in progress). This wreath was more of an investment because it required a hot glue gun and silk flowers – both of which I bought at JoAnn over a series of monthly coupons. I need to buy more flowers to fill out parts of the wreath – but I either forget to go to the craft store or I decide I want something else once I’m there.  The wreath’s incomplete status doesn’t prevent me from hanging it on our front door:

Hydrangea Wreath
Hydrangea Wreath

I think my next wreath will be a duct tape wreath. Maybe with aqua duct tape. But I’m not sure when I’ll get around to making a third wreath. Probably after fixing up the hydrangea wreath.



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