CSA: Week 7

Our CSA this week is so beautiful. We got: snap peas, stir-fry sweet corn, black summer Bok Choy, bright lights chard, Chioggia beets, and Hakurei turnips (and no spinach!):


The bright lights chard is especially colorful:


I stir-fried the peas, stir-fry sweet corn, and black summer Bok Choy with some chicken. Unfortunately, some of the corn had worms inside the ears, so we couldn’t eat some of it. I haven’t done a stir-fry in a long time, and I wanted some guidance with the seasoning. I found a great blog post from fortysomething.ca: 15 basic stir-fry sauce recipes. I (greatly) modified the “basic stir-fry sauce” recipe. (I substituted water for chicken broth, I used equal amounts soy sauce and water, and I cut the amounts of each in half.)


Verdict: It was tasty, but I think I’d add some red pepper flakes next time.

We also got some Chioggia beets, which are also called “candy cane” beets because when they are raw, they have red and white circles:


I cooked up the Chioggia beets with their greens and the chard. I used a recipe called “French Peasant Beets.” We ate this with a whole-grain baguette from Panera and some goat cheese (the white lump).


Verdict: Any recipe that uses this much butter (3 tbsp!) can’t be bad. Because of all the whole fats, this dish is very filling.

Last, but not least, we had some more turnips and greens to eat this week. We grilled the turnips. We’ve had the grill for less than a year, so we’re still working out some kinks and making some things up as we go. Here’s how we grilled the turnips: cut into 1/4 inch rounds, add olive oil, salt and pepper, grill for about 6 minutes in an aluminum foil pouch):


Verdict: I’d eat these again – especially since we didn’t have to heat up the house on a 98 degree day to make them! Scott did comment on the “earthy” taste some of the pieces still had.

And I boiled the turnip greens because (1) I was feeling lazy and (2) we didn’t have much time at home for dinner before we had to leave again.


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