Container Gardening

Now that we have outdoor space over the summer months, I really wanted to try gardening. But there were at least four hurdles to starting a garden: (1) Cost. It is not cheap to start a garden in Oklahoma. You have to build a raised bed and purchase black soil and a few gardening tools. (2) Water. It gets really hot in Oklahoma, so Oklahomans need to water their gardens frequently. Plus, if you have a raised bed, your water just seeps into the red dirt below. (3) Time. Remember how proud of myself I am for taking care of some roses? Yeah. That’s time consuming enough. And (4) Outdoor cats. Outdoor cats are already using our yard as a bathroom. I didn’t really want them using a food garden as a bathroom, too.

Container gardening seemed like a good solution: it is less expensive than building (and filling) a raised bed, the water would stay in the container and not seep into the ground, the containers are so small that they shouldn’t take too much time to maintain, and they are easier to protect from cats.

The next step was to decide what type of container I wanted to use. I thought about a hanging basket with a tomato plant hanging upside down and a bunch of lettuce or some herbs on top, but I didn’t want to spend extra money buying a stand for the basket.

I decided to make a container using plastic totes. I picked this design because (1) plastic totes are cheaper than other containers and (2) I could include a reservoir of water at the bottom of the container that should help the plants survive when we go on vacation.

Container Gardening with Totes
Container Gardening with Totes

The containers have: two tomato plants (valley girl), some lettuce (mesclun), parsley, lemon grass, and basil. Considering how many greens we’ve gotten from our CSA, I probably didn’t need to plant any lettuce of my own.

Tomatoes and Leaf Lettuces

Also, I used the drill all by myself and didn’t incur any injuries.


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