Our Rose Bushes

When we were looking for a house in Stillwater, OK, we saw a couple of older homes in our target neighborhoods, which were either walking distance to the school or walking distance to the lake. In the end, we bought a newer home outside our target neighborhoods. We learned a lot about ourselves during this process. (1) We probably had neither the skills nor the time to work on a fixer-upper. (2) We were not ready to maintain a beautifully landscaped yard. We made the right choice to buy a newer home with a minimalist yard. I’m thankful that my free time isn’t spent getting quotes for new windows, tearing down wallpaper, or wondering how to deal with a falling down out-building. I’m glad I don’t have to spend every day watering plants and pulling weeds.

We do have a little bit of landscaping in our front yard, though: some green bushes and some roses. Through multiple YouTube videos about caring for rose bushes, I’ve increased my knowledge of rose plant care from “none” to “very little.” And last fall, I pruned the bushes just before winter set in. Here’s a picture of them after this abnormally warm spring:


I cut them back before taking these photos, but I don’t think you can tell. Cutting them back is hard because I am so proud that the bushes are producing flowers and I want to show them off.


2 thoughts on “Our Rose Bushes”

  1. I’ve inherited established rose bushes as well! I knew exactly as much as you did at the beginning of the venture. People keep telling me that it’s hard to kill a rosebush….I hope for our sakes this is true!

    1. Me too! I just dead-headed mine on Sunday, and it’s always stressful to think I could kill them. Good luck!

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