CSA: Week 4

This week, we received: more spinach, more green onions (er, scallions), green leaf lettuce, red leaf mustard (aka Osaka purple mustard), and mizuna (also a mustard green). Actually, the last two are best guesses based on extensive internet searching. We don’t get a list from our CSA farmer, though he said he’d provide one.



I ate the green leaf lettuce plain as a snack in about one and a half days.

Both the purple leaf mustard and the mizuna are very bitter. We boiled the mustard greens with lots of salt. Then Scott ate his with two kinds of hot sauce (sriracha and cholula). I doused my share of the mustard greens in white vinegar. The greens were disgusting.


Eating the spinach and green onions was more enjoyable. We’ve been missing protein in our diets, and while I know we can get protein from a variety of non-animal sources, my energy level drops drastically without a little animal protein every other week or so. I found two recipes (flank steak pinwheels and spinach and gorgonzola stuffed flank steak) that I melded into one meal that included bacon.


I cooked up some bacon, wilted and dried the spinach and scallions, added Gorgonzola cheese (which is slightly less sharp than regular bleu cheese), and wrapped up these items in some thinly cut sirloin tip meat. Then Scott grilled the pinwheels for about 2 minutes on each side (but he would have preferred grilling for about 3 minutes on each side). I would make these again. And next time, I won’t skimp on the bacon. We enjoyed some Tall Grass Brewing Company’s 8-Bit Pale Ale with dinner:



We have some left-over greens, which I will use in salads during the week.


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