CSA Week 3, Part 2

Our late CSA share is here! It includes: spinach, salad greens, green onions, and pecans.


Searching for recipes is somewhat more complicated than it seems because so many foods go by more than one name. Do I search for recipes for “sweet potatoes” or “yams”? Should I look for recipes with “green onions” or “scallions”? I read an article from The Illinois Times that claims that at one time, people from the mid-Atlantic coastal states and New England use “scallion,” but other US areas use “green onion.” (“Spring onions,” in case you were wondering, have a bigger bulb than green onions.) I got different types of recipes depending on which name I used. A search with “green onions” produced recipes for Asian foods, side dishes, and one quiche. A search with “scallions” produced recipes for risottos, tarts, frittatas, and even a soup.

After all these searches, I decided to make a mushroom, spinach, and scallion tart. This recipe includes goat cheese, which, in my opinion, makes anything and everything taste delicious. Luckily, I had impulse purchased some phyllo dough at a Trader Joe’s during our trip to New Mexico. Here’s a picture of my finished tart:


The rest of the greens will be used for salads and tacos. We’ll probably roast the pecans in sugar.


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