CSA: Week 2

I don’t have a picture from week 2 because I didn’t yet understand how much I’d want to share my journey of having a CSA share. But the CSA has thrown me for a loop. I get a bag of unknown vegetables, and I have a week to eat/share them. I’m used to first deciding what I want to eat and then worrying about the ingredients. Now, I’m handed the ingredients and I need to figure out what to eat.

Week 2 we received more spinach, salad greens, and 3 big sweet potatoes. I made a stew that called for 2 big sweet potatoes and a bunch of spinach. The recipe also called for linguiça, which is “a delicious pork sausage from Portugal seasoned with garlic, paprika, and other spices.” Stillwater, Oklahoma, population 46,560, does not have linguiça. We decided to use Mexican chorizo as a substitute, which is un-cured. I had to drain the chorizo meat twice because it was so greasy.

The stew turned out fine, with enough spices from the chorizo sausage to make it tasty. The recipe said we’d get 8 servings, and I think we got about 9 servings out of it. I’m pretty sick of stew now.

I had one sweet potato left over, which I used to make baked sweet potato chips. Really, I used this as an excuse to buy a mandolin slicer (that also juliennes). I ate all the chips while Scott was out birding his big day (his team broke the official record).

I’ve also been eating a salad every day for lunch with our salad greens and the pecans I roasted in sugar last week. I also add strawberries/raspberries, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar (I’ve gotten to be too lazy to mix the olive oil and vinegar together). I took a picture of my salad today since I didn’t have a picture of the stew:



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